Our Top 8 Wedding Flowers

Our top 8 Popular Wedding Flowers

Choosing specific flowers for your wedding can be a little overwhelming, especially if you aren’t really a “flower person” and can’t tell a rose from a ranunculus. Not to worry, we’ve put together a list of our 8 most popular wedding flowers. These are blooms we love and see most frequently! We’ve also included details about each flower’s growing season, so you can choose the right flowers that will be blooming around the time of your wedding and maximize your floral budget.


Quite possibly one of the most popular wedding flowers of all time, peonies are beloved by brides and highly sought-after when they’re in season. It’s easy to see why so many brides love peonies. Their fluffy, romantic shape and ruffled petals for beautiful bouquets. They are also available in countless beautiful colors, from crisp white, cream, and yellow to varying shades of pink and red. Carry a bouquet entirely of peonies down the aisle to highlight this very special flower. Continue the theme by mixing peonies with other in-season blooms for your reception centerpieces. This is a smart way to be mindful of your budget since peonies are typically a pricey flower.
Season: spring through early summer

Peony Bouquet: Alexis Brooke Photography


Most roses used as cut flowers in the floral industry fall into two general groups: standard roses and garden roses. Standard roses are the roses you might imagine, with long stems and a classic rose shape (a tightly cupped bloom formed by overlapping petals). Garden rose is a loose term, but generally refers to roses that have been bred with a denser petal count than your average standard rose, resulting in a fuller, more romantic look. Garden roses are also usually more fragrant than standard roses, making them perfect for bridal bouquets since you’ll hold them close and smell them throughout the day.
Season: spring and summer

Garden Rose Bouquet: Emily Kane Photography


These pretty blossoms are known for their delicate petals and bold, dark centers. The most popular anemone variety features bright white petals and jet-black centers, making it the perfect choice if your wedding colors are black and white, or if you’re doing a black-tie dress code. Besides black and white, anemones are also available in many other colors, including blush pink, deep purple, cherry red, burgundy, and even bright blue.
Season: early winter through early summer

Anemone Arrangement: Gilly’s Lilies


A florist favorite, ranunculus are a beautiful bloom with delicate, tissue-thin petals. This varietal are often mistaken for peonies. They’re a versatile flower and look great in bouquets as well as table centerpieces. Ranunculus are great for accenting boutonnieres, and are available in nearly every color imaginable, so you’re sure to find them in the perfect shade to match your wedding color scheme.
Season: late winter to early summer

Ranunculus Boutonniere: Emily Kane Photography


A quintessential fall flower, dahlias are wonderful focal flowers because they have such a commanding presence. Some varieties, called dinner-plate dahlias, can be as large as your head! They’re available in practically every color under the sun and, best of all, are usually more affordable than the ever-popular peonies or roses. One of the most popular dahlia varieties among brides is called cafe au lait. It’s color is quite accurate to its name and ranges from a blush pink-peach hue to a soft and creamy beige.
Season: mid-summer through fall

Dahlia Bouquet: Lindsey Maree Photography


Protea flowers are known for their large, unique flower heads and their vibrant colors. They come in shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow. Protea flowers have a long vase life. They are very hardy and easy to care for. Protea flowers typically have spiky blooms that add tons of texture and focal points to your designs.

Pink ice is a beautiful soft to medium pink variety of Protea that has exotic-looking leaves that make it perfect for boho designs. Pink Ice Protea has a vibe that goes well with most color palettes and is a beautiful, unique variety with two-toned blooms. The outer petals are usually white with a hint of pink, and the inner petals are a deep blush pink.

King Protea is the largest of the Protea family, and a bold focal. The King variety comes in pink or white. See image below!

Safari Sunset is a Protea variety that is a rich deep red or burgundy in color. It is beautiful mixed with other flowers or used on its own as a dramatic focal point.

Pincushion Protea is a fun variety of Protea, with flower heads that are 4-6 inches wide. They come in shades of yellow and orange.

Season: Winter through Spring

King Protea Bouquet: Mae & Co Photography


Hydrangeas are, and always will be, a forever favorite when it comes to wedding flowers. They’re lush and gorgeous, and a perfect option for almost any style, from romantic to formal, whimsical to modern, and even rustic. In season through the summer months, hydrangeas also come in a variety of colors—including white, blue, green, pink, red, and even purple petals—and shapes.

Season: Summer

Hydrangea Bouquet: Dear Grace Photography


The texture of these silvery-blue thistle provides a perfect wildflower touch to any floral arrangements. Thistles are strong, durable flowers that work well for boutonnieres, bouquets and centerpieces.  The texture balances out masculine with the feminine to create eye-catching, visual interest. We love to add it to our bouquets for that perfect navy color!

Season: Summer through Fall

Thistle Bouquet: Maggie Cisney Photography
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