Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

These are some of the most special of special occasions, when you and your partner commit yourselves to each other in front of your loved ones, friends and community. You want every part of the day to be meaningful, and unique. So do we!

Tradition and Innovation

Flowers and even arrangement styles can be so, so meaningful to you and your family or cultural traditions. We also know how important it is for you to feel like you’ve made the day your own. That’s why we work so hard to bring those two equally essential elements together for your big day.

We’re ideas gals here at Gilly’s Lilies. We want to hear all about the traditions you want to bring forward from the past, and the “something new” that’s going to make the occasion uniquely yours.

Creativity and Collaboration

Rather than go the more commercial florist route of creating set packages and styles, we collaborate with both you and the seasons to create arrangements that are truly one of a kind.

So show us your wish list, the vibes and styles that make you gasp, the pins and saves you’ve been sighing over. Bring all your oohs and ahhs to our consultation and planning session. We want all of it.

Seasonal and Bespoke

Our English cottage garden style is all about freshness and variety, working with what each season has to offer. Between that variety and your own tastes and vision, everything we create is guaranteed to be completely exclusive to you and your big day. 

And that’s exactly how we like it. We’re a bespoke boutique for a reason. We don’t want to make the same few types of arrangements over and over again. Our passion lies in creation and creativity. Which means we want what you want: bouquets and arrangements that are utterly, fabulously you.

What's Your Flower Budget?

Refining your wedding flower budget is as important as defining your flower vision, so
how much you’re comfortably able to spend is one of the very first details we’ll cover
during your consultation.
We embrace a “no min, no max” approach to your wedding flower budget here at Gilly’s
Lilies. Our average customer spends around $1,500 on their wedding flowers, but you
can go as grand or as simple as you like.

Reach out to us using the form below with any details we can use to help plan your big day!.

Book your Consulation


Create a list of all of the arrangements you'll need for your big day. Everything from bouquets to boutonnieres, and lining the aisle.

Make a list


Pinpoint your desired floral vision, colors, and personal style.

Your Vision


Create a realistic floral budget




Book your Consultation

We love a visit here at our store here in Mifflinburg – getting to chat with customers is one of the best parts of our day! But once you’re ready to get down to the details of planning for your big day, it’s time for something a little more in-depth than just a chat: It’s time to book a consultation. Consultations, booked here online by phone or in person, are when we discuss all the big and small details that will refine your vision of your day. We’ll also map out your ballpark budget, and book the date of the event or events (because we do rehearsal events too!). Reserving dates in our calendar requires a $200 deposit and signing our brass tacks contract. The plan and design process is collaborative, of course, so we’ll continue to work together over the next few weeks or months after your consultation to ensure the designs are absolutely perfect. Six weeks out from your big day, we’ll finalize your full bloom menu, take final payments and that’s it! We’ll handle everything else from there.

Ready to book your consultation? Get started by filling out the form below.


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