Hi, my name is Sarah. I’m so glad you’re here. My family has been in the business of creating beautiful, living art for multiple generations. I can still remember all the smells and shapes and amazing colors that surrounded me after I begged my uncle for a job at his floral shop. I’d sweep up, make endless cups of tea and dream of having a little shop myself someday. I’d create stunning arrangements, in my own unique style, that would make people smile.

Now that dream has come true. Named in honor of my mother Gillian, who gave me so much encouragement and inspiration, I crossed years and oceans to open Gilly’s Lilies. And though my family instilled that love for both the art and business of flowers, over the years my work has flourished into a style that is indeed all my own. “English garden style” is the term I use to describe both my style and the way I source my materials. It’s all about working with what’s freshest, most in season and most local, creating art with what’s growing right around us here in the Susquehanna Valley.

I hope you enjoy what you find in these pages, and that these samples of my work please you as much as they delighted me when I created them. And, when you’re ready to order your own distinctive arrangements, remember to think about what will make you happy, excited and totally over the moon. After all, isn’t that what this is all about?

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What we do here at Gilly’s Lilies is unique, and oh so dear to my heart. Our mission is to work with our customers and their visions, never forcing them to choose from the same old stale few types of arrangements or events packages. And that’s what sets us apart: we tailor our work to you, who you are, what you want and most definitely what you love. Because we’re here to create designs that are wonderfully, exclusively, sincerely yours.

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