Our Story


It all began during my childhood, growing up with a family in the floral industry. Rurally nestled in the North-West of the U.K., I started my passion for flowers when I picked up a small job working in a floral shop with my Uncle at the age of ten. I would sweep the floor and make cups of tea. I still remember the smell the varieties of flowers and became obsessed with the different colors and creations one can make with individual stems. I should have known back then that I couldn’t escape the beauty, as I have been creating my own unique designs ever since. 

Gilly’s (pronounced jill-ees) Lilies first started in March 2016. The company name became an homage to my late mother Gill, whom I lost in 2013 due to breast cancer. Gill loved flowers, and taught me some tricks of the trade during her lifetime. I have rekindled the passion we shared and gained experience developing styles for various events and media, while using my Art & Design background I became the primarily self-taught florist that I am today. 

So what sets us apart from other florists? Well, I love to tailor my work to what you like and who you are.  The design will manifest itself specifically and uniquely to you. I do hope that you find this website appealing for your floral requirements, but please also just enjoy the pictures. My aspiration for them is to make you happy, as they make me. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

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